convert knot to fps conversion of measurement units how many knot in 1 fps the answer is 0 we assume you are converting between knot and foot second you can view more details on each measurement unit knot or fps the si derived unit for speed is the meter second 1 meter second is equal […]

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rock climbing tech tips joining two ropes joining two ropes this is a touchy subject opinions vary among climbers as to the best knot to use when joining two ropes to her knot while some people can look at diagrams or photos and tie the illustrated knots others learn best by watching how a knot […]

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why cable lacing techflex why cable lacing lasts longer than cable ties cable ties turn brittle and degrade over time due to environmental exposure and loss of plasticizers cable tie a cable tie also known as a wire tie hose tie steggel tie zap strap or zip tie and by the brand names ty rap […]

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conversion table for knots vs mph the disaster center conversion table for knots to miles per hour kilometers per hour beaufort wind scale weather conversion tables weather mph kph knots wind speed conversion table 5 knots = 5 8 mph 10 knots = 11 5 mph 15 knots = 17 3 mph 20 knots = […]

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